Nordsud Touristik is an experienced company that provides transportation services all around Europe. In our team are people who like to travel, therefore they know travellers needs. Communication between reservations team/drivers and the customer is certainly easy and effective because of multilingual skills.

We frequently transport groups to corporate events, school excursions, church group functions, city and also surroundings sightseeing tours, social gatherings, and senior-group trips. For that reason, we have a range of vehicles available, from large coaches to minibuses and minivans.

For many years Nordsud Touristik is providing professional transportation solutions and it’s certanly highly reliable and also, valued. The most important thing for Nordsud Touristik is to get you to the desired destination safely, on time and without complications.

If you are in need of last minute booking, Nordsud Touristik will give you the service at an incredible price.

transportation bus

The comfort and safety of our customers is our top priority and we do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction.

Nord Sud Touristik brings you a variety of services depending on your needs. Also, we certainly provide consultations regarding our offers and what would best fit your plans.

We have our own fleet of more than 70 modern coaches. Our coach hiring and group department offer individual service and assistance when planning your tours and events.

If you need more information or you want to book one of our vehicles, feel free to contact us and one of our friendly operators will certainly provide you with an answer. 

We are proud partners with the following TRANSPORTATION companies: